2014 Fig Market Report

The 2014 fig crop harvest is underway in Turkey with the first collection currently undergoing drying for shipment at the end of September. The figs are grown in 2 different environments; lowland plain regions and in the mountains (~800m). This year has seen an increase in weather damage to figs from the plain region. A larger proportion of figs have been drying on the trees and splitting as a result. This lowers overall quality and puts the figs at greater risk of mould. High humidity has also caused the lowland figs to leak syrup and lose moisture. This year we expect lower volumes of larger lowland figs (sizes 1-3) and an overall lower quality.
In contrast the mountain growing regions have not had the same problems and the overall quality of the crop is good however we are seeing higher pricing for good quality figs as a result of the poor lowland region crop. The loss of 95% of the Turkish apricot new crop has lead to ingredient packers looking for a cheaper item to substitute in. Figs are a premium contender in this and demand for new crop has risen sharply as a result.
Emerging markets in Russia and China have shown growing demand each year for figs and this year will not be any different. There will be very limited availability by the start of 2015. The last 3 years have all been subject to a price increase in October and we expect the same in 2014. We highly recommend booking your requirements now to ensure availability and before the likely price rise in October.
The first new crop shipments are expected to leave Turkey on 15/10

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