A Brief Weather Update – Chilean flash floods and frost in Turkey

We look at the effects of the recent tragic flash floods in the Northern part of Chile. We are possibly looking at 90% damage to 30% of the crop of Chilean vine fruits. Now the estimate is 30% of 30%. It looks however that it is going to be good weather form now on wards. Officials thought the floods would spread down south, but luckily for the crop and the peoples, it dissipated. Business resumes, and market is back to normal for Chilean raisins.

The flash floods have left 25 dead and 101 missing



Delicate time weather-wise for Turkey too because young flowers are out for basically all Turkish crops – apricots, hazel nuts and sultanas. For the sultanas, there seems to be no effect from the frost and offers still coming in.

Apricots is a different story, however, with reports saying there is 15-20% damage to the crop this year due to frost. The biggest apricot growing area in the country, Malatya, continues to cause concern with frost damage occurring due to warm temperatures during the day followed by cold periods at night. A recent spell of frost damaged some of the new crop apricots..


Meanwhile, sultanas remain relatively unscratched by the frost. Still pretty early the vines do have the capacity to recover and grow new shoots.

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