Almond Market Update

No room for Nostradamus in this market.

Michael and Sanjoy talk about the 2014 California Subject almond estimate in this latest market report update. We look at how this number has affected the markets, especially with relation to pricing. The growers seem to continue to be happy selling what they have, and are not interested in offering anything for the new crop, and want to wait until the harvest. Nothing to kick-start the market, no immediate interest in new crop.

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There’s liquidity in the market, every time the currency increases the Euro goes up against the dollar, continued high demand – no sudden pressures for the growers. They rent having any problems selling. A lot of the contracts were done 6 months ago, and Europe does still need to keep filling the packets. The real question is so do they have enough stock to process and pack in the next 3 weeks.

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