We are proud to take care of an exotic variety of fish from all around the world, from South America to East Africa to East Asia. Our fish bring life and colour to the office, and make for interesting stories to tell to our customers and suppliers. We have had fish for just over 10 years, and so they are an important part of our team, and a defining part of our company identity.


We have –

 Clown Loach

These tropical fish originate from the islands of Indonesia. An interesting fact about these fish is that they can make clicking sounds when they are happy, mating or being territorial.

Green Severum Cichlid

They are known as peaceful cichlids, native to the lakes of the Amazon Basin. They are omnivorous and eat small insects and vegetable matter.

 Venustus Cichlid

Commonly known as the Giraffe Hap, these fish prefer deeper regions of lakes where they can hunt smaller, juvenile cichlids. They are from Lake Malwai in Africa. After spotting a prey, it will usually lie motionless in the sand, submerged, before darting out of the sand and striking.

 Albino Bristlenose Pleco

Originating from the Amazon Basin, these are small fish and the albino’s stay at around 4 inches. The albino Bristlenose pleco is not a species of fish, it is only an albino version of the common Bristlenose pleco. Since they don’t have camouflage they are often an easy target for predators.

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