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Freeworld Heads Up 27/03/2017
27/03/2017  |  Yuyin Hsiao

Sanjoy and Adam discuss the recent movements across some of our biggest lines

Chilean new crop fruit – I see demand fairly well covered until early summer so no rush.

Prunes – new crop shipments starting now and throughout April, it was slightly earlier this year. Good range of popular sizes 60/70 – 50/60 and prices stable. Bid I think would be considered as exporters keen to get sales on their books.

Apple prices has risen up a lot recently and keep going up due to shortage of raw material. The new crop will arrive late November/Dec.

Raisins – same as above, good crop conditions, good quantities certainly of flame variety . Thompson a bit shorter since big demand for table grapes and sulphured fruit for goldens. However demand also well covered and a bit sluggish so I feel keen prices are possible with firm bids for quantities.

Cashews – market looks tighter for prompts and limited spot material.  the Vietnamese crop has been badly effected by rains and insect damage and rcn prices continue to trade at very high levels.  ivc crop is looking good and could make up the shortfall from the Vietnamese crop.  its about logistics at the moment. I believe there is enough rcn but it’s about getting it to the processing sites.. unlikely the market will come down before may… after that we will see

Almonds – steady market.  demand has dropped off again and prices slipped a touch last 3-4 days.  will the better prices and stronger euro (weaker usd..I guess,) encourage buyers this week. Let’s see, main trend is up 5 cents down 5 cents…

Brazils – remains the same, very tight availability, general uncertainty and high prices .

Walnuts – USA material running very low.  Chilean prices have opened high off the back of good in shell demand.  eastern Europe tight.  market looks to remain firm going forward. We will be doing light halves and light broken from Chile – maybe mention this to remind viewers of an alternative origin

Macadamia firm with very limited availability on the back of huge in shell demand from China. Style 1 and 0 are particularly hard this year with very few offers on the table.