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In this episode we discuss the continuing economic crisis in Greece. National Institute of Economic and Social Research economists reckon that the 30% the International Monetary Fund (IMF) are pushing for simply isn’t enough — debt equivalent to 55% of Greece’s GDP, or €95 billion ($US103.17 billion, £66.40 billion) needs writing off.


We also ask questions such as will the increase in oil price affect the currency massively?

We also have a pumpkin seeds and brazil nuts market report from our traders Alex Poole and Ishan Das, respectively. Ishan talks about the slow brazil nut market, whilst Alex stresses that is a good time buy pumpkin seed.

pin nuts

Moreover, is high salt levels in groundwater affecting the almond industry? High salinity levels in groundwater used for agriculture has long been a problem in the west side of the Central Valley. Find out more by visiting the NPR article on it.


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