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We have a packed episode of Freeworld News for you today. The latest updates on the website include a market report from Adam, in which he discusses the new hazelnut crop for 2015 arriving in factories in Turkey.

Michael also delivers the first market report on walnuts – he mentions the high starting American prices in the last 3 years. We have had prices come out recently which are about $1/lb cheaper than the opening last year in California, because of a big crop on the way with estimates of about 608,000 tonnes in shell, compared to the subjective last year which was 550,000 tonnes.


We also have a written goji berry market report from out trader Yu Cai, where she recommends you to cover your demand from now until the end of December

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We also give you the latest on the currency and markets, and a brief update on the Californian raisin crop. The California raisin-type grape forecast for 2015 is 2.00 million tons, up 13 percent from last year’s final production, according to the results of an objective measurement (O.M.) survey conducted in July by the National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS).


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