Freeworld’s Weekly Round-up – Episode 3

In Episode 3, we look at what the latest is with the Euro. Recently, we have seen the Euro fluctuate all over the place. Now with the recent victory of the anti-austerity Syriza Party in Greece, the Euro is expected to weaken even more. Stirling continues to show weakness and the dollars produced some good figures. We expect in the run-p to the British 2015 General Elections to see further attacks on the stirling. All in all, a little bit of stability before a series of potential storms.



What to expect from the website?

Exciting times lay ahead for our website, as we aim to populate it with in-depth and concise QC information for each product under the format

1. Specifications
2. Possible Defects
3. Process
4. Risks

Check the Brazil Nut page out as an example of what to expect, and let us know your thoughts.


We are accumulating information about various scams in the market. If you have any experiences which you would want to report , we look forward to your contribution.

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