Freeworld’s Weekly Round-up – Episode 4

A sense of desperation from Greece to the Port of Oakland, California…and what is that shiny trophy?

Post-Greek election madness and confusion? Alexis Tsipras, the newly elected leader, is travelling around state capitals in Europe in what seems to be an antagonistic way. What’s the future of Greece?

We also look at the latest in currency fluctuations and the markets. The Euro appears to be picking up a bit, but levels of high uncertainty remain.

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Markets for our products generally are stable. With Chinese New Year looming by, we are asking our Chinese customers how their financial year turned out. It’s doesn’t look too good. You can check our the latest pinenut report here, showing prices have been firm since November, but have stabilised in recent weeks.

Disaster and mayhem in the Port of Oakland, California. The work slowdowns and refusing to dispatch qualified workers such as crane operators has caused chaos. The consequences of this congestion will drive the spot market for almonds up. This in turn can cause shipment price in California to rise. Read the full report here.

Trucks transport containers at the Port

Finally…what is the trophy the Chairman is holding? Find out this and more of the above in our latest episode of Freeworld Trading Round-Up.

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