Goji Berry Market Report

The harvest of goji berries (summer fruits) will be completed soon. This year’s crop is generally larger than last year, but is not as much as previously expected. We should know the real outcome by the end of August.


Approximately 90% of goji berries are domestically consumed, and about 10% left for export. Back in July, due to the weak market (both domestically and with regard to exports) the new crop price started low compared with last years’ beginning price. Now the market is getting stable as many buyers (mainly domestic) have already started to purchase. Despite the devaluation of RMB against USD, goji price is going up at origin, especially with regard to good quality berries.

Right now, the EU market is relatively quiet due to high stock, but goji prices are mainly driven by the domestic market. The Chinese are buying, and now Japan and SA have started to buy. Although this year’s crop is larger, but good quality berries (low pesticides and unsulphured) are always sold on a first come first serve basis, please consider Japan is also a quality buyer. Once all EU buyers come back from holiday by end August/early September, the price may rise again.

There is a huge price difference e.g. USD1000-2000/mt depending on variety and grade. FWT are always working with reliable suppliers and offer good quality goji berries which are low in pesticides and SO2 free (<10ppm). I would recommend you to cover your demand from now until the end of December. If you have any interest, please do not hesitate to contact our goji trader Yu Cai.

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