Hazelnut, Pecan and Macadamia Nut – Video Market Report , January 2015

Our trader, Adam Johnston, discusses whats happening in the market with regard to hazelnuts, pecan nuts and macadamia nuts.

Hazels: Prices continue to rise with a slower rate of supply to market after New Year. Strengthening USD has also contributed to a more expensive export cost. It looks increasingly likely that the current crop may completely sell out before the new crop becomes available for shipment in September/October.

Pecans: Pecan prices have remained flat, but like the hazels strengthening USD will lead to a higher cost for our GBP customers. The first of the new crop shipments will be taking place this month and after what was seen as a slightly shorter crop estimates have risen.

Macadamia: Looks set to be another expensive year for macadamia. Although supply increases each year it is still lagging behind an ever growing global demand for what is seen by many as the most luxurious of all nuts. Initial pricing estimates have the 2015 crop at record highs.

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