Chilean Raisins

Chile’s normal average crop is about 65,000 tons. The harvest takes place in January and February each year,with new exports starting in March and April. The grapes are sun dried so it is essential to have a favourable climate during the few weeks of drying season and no rain.

80% of flame variety is concentrated in the northern valleys of the Atacama and Coquimbo regions (Copiap, Vallenar, Ovalle, Vincu) and central valleys around Santiago (Los Andes and San Felipe). 70% of the Thompson & Crimson varieties come from the southern valleys in the O’Higgins region (Rancagua).

Chile also has a lot of Red Globe variety but it is mainly consumed as dried raisin in Asian countries who do not mind it containing seeds.


Our Raisin Traders are Ailsa Perez Ulecia and Adam Johnston


Raisins Chilean Flames 0286 v5

Raisins, Chilean Goldens 0488 v7

Raisins, Golden South African 0582 v4

Raisin Thompson Turkish Grade A 0042 V3


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