Pumpkin Seed Update – May 2014

New crop planting situation

Due to bigger yield of shineskin in Northwest China, more and more farmers are planting shineskin for domestic inshell consumption. It is too early to indicate quantities (as it depends on weather, etc) but we expect the availability of shineskin will be much improved for 2014.

Current stock situations in origins

Currently the stocks of pumpkin seeds at origin are very limited, both for GWS and shineskin. Almost all carryover stocks from previous years are now exhausted. If export demand remains stable, our shipper expects there will be no GWS or shineskin after June.

Current Price situations

Price will firm to reflect less quantity of raw materials, but as demand is stable we don’t expect to see huge price hikes.

New crop situations

We estimate initial opening new crop prices will be firm, as demand will be there to fill inventories, and domestic demand for inshell snacking

But the price will drop down in late October/November as more material becomes available.

Overall, the current market in origin is stable/firm. Stocks are small, price will not ease. If the demand increase in June/July, the market will be in short supply.

In 2015, the price of pumpkin should decrease.

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