Thanksgiving – in not your typical style…

We, recently, had the pleasure of welcoming our newest member to the Freeworld team, Shelby Bodily. Shelby is an American and has lived in the UK for a little while now. Below she writes about her experience celebrating Thanksgiving as a vegan American ex-pat in Edinburgh.


”Although Thanksgiving’s original purpose (celebrating the harvest) may not be as applicable as it once was, it still remains a deeply loved American holiday. It captures the spirit of the holiday season by reminding us to take a step back and remember to be grateful for what we have, to spend time with loved ones and, of course, eat copious amounts of delicious food.  All of this is something that I typically really look forward to, but this year things were a little different. Being an American ex-pat, I spent this years thanksgiving 4,584 miles from my home and my family and quite honestly, I was a little negative about the whole thing. This feeling of missing out on the holiday was even further magnified as this was my first thanksgiving as a vegan. No turkey or creamy gravy for me. Even though I was ready to let the day slide by unnoticed, my friends had other plans. I was invited to one of their flats that evening and was greeted with, what I can only describe as, one of the most thoughtful and caring gestures. They had spent all day preparing a full American-style, vegan-friendly thanksgiving feast, just for me. Normally at thanksgiving, we go around the table and name something we are thankful for. This year, as we sat there, I thought, this is what I am thankful for. For being reminded that even this great distance from home, I still have many things to be grateful for, I still have a makeshift family, and with the help of a nut loaf to die for, I still even had the delicious food”.

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