Freeworld News 07/12/15

We have a packed episode for you this week. In this edition of Freeworld News, we elaborate on the continued volatility we are seeing with currency, especially with regard to the Euro. Could parity with the dollar be a possible reality?

At Freeworld, we are always keeping an eye on the weather. Not only does the weather affect crop production but it also impacts our daily life from commuting to work, to sending our children to school. We also talk about the recent Hurricane Desmond which has brought lots of damage, flooding and problems to UK towns . More heavy rain is expected to hit parts of northern England and Scotland this week as work continues to repair flood damage caused by record rainfall levels in the area. Is this part of a wider development of erratic weather we are experiencing?

Finally, we touch on the recent sugar tax initiated by the government. Is this a good measure to take to tackle the various problems associated with obesity? How will this affect the dried fruits and nuts industry?