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We continue look at the situation in Greece; the next few hours will certainly be crucial. Greece has until the end of Thursday to present new proposals to secure a third bailout from creditors and prevent a possible exit from the Euro. It’s surprising, despite all of this, that the Euro has manage to stay quite strong.

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We also look at the markets for almonds and brazil nuts.


The market has seen a 30 cent increase in the price of standard 5 almonds following the objective report, so that’s about 7.5% up. Tomorrow we will have the shipment figures for June. Since these were high last year, we will almost get a lower figure this time around. The farmers will want something atleast to carry over!


Brazil Nuts

Hardly anything left to sell. We are having difficulty getting fresh offers from Bolivia, and it’s going to be pretty tight in the near future. Check out our video above for more information.

Budget 2015

George Osborne has delivered his seventh Budget as chancellor, the first for a majority Conservative government since November 1996. You can read more about what the budget entails by clicking here.