Freeworld News – Roundup – Episode 21

In this episode we discuss the almond objective report which was out earlier this week, and you can watch a special interview with our trader, Michael Stevens, discussing this.

Markets continue to be slow, lots of people on holiday and a lot of uncertainty remains.


Uncertainty is a word which also best describes the situation in Greece. We analyse the strategic and geographic importance of Greece. It’s the road to Africa and the Middle East. It’ the soft underbelly of Europe. With this in mind, can Europe really afford to lose Greece? We think not. The Port of Greece is an immense port, and it is a shipping world leader. There is no way that Europe is not harmed with Greece living the EC.


It is also not the first time Greece has faced default.. For example The first recorded default in Greek history occurred in the fourth century B.C., when 13 Greek city states borrowed funds from the Temple of Delos.

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