Happy Hazelnut Shared Future Project

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Happy Hazelnut is a ground-breaking project in Turkey that provides education, accommodation and community projects. This unique initiative is funded by a small premium charged on sales of their organic products, with the goal of promoting sustainable agriculture and improving the livelihoods of seasonal workers and their families.

1. Education

One of the key focuses of Happy Hazelnut is education. Providing farmers with access to educational programs and resources allows them to learn about modern farming techniques and the latest developments in sustainable agriculture. By implementing these practices, farmers are able to produce food that is more sustainable.

2. Agronomists

Farmers enrolled on the project also have access to Agronomists. One of the key benefits of working with agronomists is that they can provide guidance on crop management, and pest control. This can help farmers to increase their crop yields, reduce losses due to disease and pests, and improve the quality of their produce. Agronomists can also help farmers to select the right crops for their soil type, climate, and local market, enabling them to make better use of their resources.

3. Child Care

Child labour can be a challenge in hazelnut harvesting regions. This is because seasonal migrant workers from Southeastern Turkey travel to these regions with their children. Schools are closed during the hazelnut harvesting season in Turkey, so seasonal migrant workers tend to push their children to work in the hazelnut fields. To address this issue, the Happy Hazelnut project provides schooling, educational resources, and day-care for the children of seasonal migrant workers and farmers. This ensures that these children have the opportunity to learn and grow while their parents are working.

4. Accomodation

Another critical component of the project is the provision of quality accommodation for seasonal migrant workers and their families. Many seasonal migrant workers stay in tents or substandard housing that can negatively affect their health and well-being during hazelnut harvesting season. Happy Hazelnut invests in building new accommodation and improving existing accommodation for seasonal migrant workers, ensuring that they have a safe and comfortable place to call home.

5. Projects

Projects have included construction of the Happy House in Paşalar, providing accommodation for seasonal migrant workers and an integrated summer school for their children. As well as renovation and maintenance of existing harvest workers accommodation.


Overall, Happy Hazelnut is a remarkable initiative that is making a significant impact on the lives of farmers, seasonal migrant workers and their families in rural Turkey. In supporting this project we are empowering farmers to succeed while promoting sustainable agriculture, improving living conditions of seasonal migrant workers and preventing child labour in harvesting hazelnut.