Monte Carlos Shared Future Project

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At Freeworld we take immense pride in collaborating and supporting farming communities, among them are the people of the Monte Carlos community in the region of Pando, Bolivia. The Monte Carlos community collect organic Brazil nuts from deep in the Amazon rainforest. This year, we are financing a project that involves the installation of an electrical generator and solar panels for this community.

The collaboration on this project has been a wonderful experience, empowering the Monte Carlos community to put the funds directly to what they need. In addition to granting one-off funding, the project has taken into account operational management and maintenance, establishing agreements to ensure the generator’s sustained value in the future. This empowers the community to take charge of their own operations and ensures their long-term benefit.

By supplying a dependable and eco-friendly power source, the generator and solar panels will enable the community to refrigerate food, enhance lighting and communication lines, thereby affecting their daily lives and elevating the living standards of both the villagers and seasonal workers.

We hold a deep affection for Brazil nuts and wholeheartedly endorse the efforts of the collecting communities who safeguard the Brazil nut trees and the delicate ecosystem of the Bolivian Amazon rainforest.