Sustainable & Ethical Goji Farming

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As one of the first bulk importers of goji berries in the UK, we here at Freeworld Trading take great pride in sourcing the highest quality goji berries that meet social and environmental standards. In this blog post, we would like to highlight our commitment to safe and responsibly sourced goji, and explain why it’s important to choose raw material from the right farmers with a long-term dedication to EU regulatory standards.

We work with partners in China to source the highest standard of goji from specific areas: Hongsipu, Ningxia, and Nuomuhong, Qinghai. These areas are known for their ideal growing conditions, such as fertile soil, adequate water supply, and ample sunlight, which produce the best quality goji berries.

One common risk with goji berries is cross-contamination from pesticides. In an effort to take full advantage of their land, some farmers may interplant other crops in the goji field, such as wheat or watermelon. This can be problematic, as the use of pesticides on these other crops can contaminate the goji berries and pollute the land.

However, we source our goji berries from regions developed to form large-scale cultivation exclusively dedicated to cultivating goji berries, far from intensive growing areas to avoid the cross-contamination. These unified farms are scientifically managed to EU regulatory standard.

By sourcing raw materials from the right farmers and implementing strict quality control measures, we guarantee the safety and quality of our goji compared to the normal markets that are collected by individuals. This is accomplished by adhering to sustainable farming practices, such as the use of organic fertilisers and natural methods to control pests and diseases, rather than relying on hazardous chemicals. Our belief is that these practices not only yield a safer and healthier product, but also encourage sustainable and ethical farming methods.

At Freeworld Trading, we are committed to promoting safe and responsibly sourced ingredients, such as our goji. We believe that this commitment is essential for building a sustainable and just food system, and we encourage consumers to choose raw material from the right farmers who have a long-term dedication to EU regulatory standards.