Chile Report – Prunes and Flame Raisins

Adam Johnston recently went to Chile to look at what’s happening with prunes and flame raisins.

Prunes – the price of prunes is still weakening, and Chilean exporters are looking for traction in the market to keep the price going. Next step they’re looking at is the USA Crop with the first figures being announced start of June. Exporters from Chile suspect this crop not to be as big as some people are expecting it to be, so we may see prices start to firm. In this video we also look at the relationship Russia has on the Chilean export market.


Flame raisins – prices have been coming down this season, and have reached a point where producers don’t want to go any lower. We also speculate around the decisions made by exporters with relation to demand and supply.

In this video, Adam and Sanjoy talk about what lies ahead with regard to these two products.


Stay tuned for our next episode of Freeworld News Round-up, which can be viewed on our weekly updated news section. It will be published on Tuesday morning because of the May Bank Holiday.

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