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The July 2018 Californian almond shipment report was released today (10/08/2018.)  The main figures from the report show –   July 2018 shipments at 143.8M down from last years figure of 153.9m Committed shipments at 170M, down 15.65% Uncommitted inventory at 192m, down 5.05% Forecast carryover is at 403.7m   Sales have been slow over […]

CURRENCY EURUSD 1.17 GBPUSD 1.3260 GBPEUR 1.133  10.26 am A relatively quiet week . Wednesday sees the release of a number of UK GDP growth type figures including the June GDP figure. This, in turn, will impact on the possibility of the UK rate hike at the next BOE. In this context it is interesting […]

The 2018 objective report for Californian Almonds was released on the evening of 5/7/2018. That can be found here: Of course, this is an estimate and we will not know the true size of this crop till January. Therefore, what is important is what the growers make of this report. Their initial reaction seems […]

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