Freeworld Trading News Round-Up – Episode 7

Last week saw the departure of our trader, Mike Hampshire, who has been in the company for almost 15 years. We thank Mike for his endless hard work, and all that he has brought to the company. He is a highly likable and charming man, and we know he will continue to have a successful and fulfilling life after Freeworld. Thank you Mike.


Euro continues to be extremely fragile, whilst the Almond Position report will be released this week for February figures and we expect figures to be low. Moreover the road from Riberalta, Bolivia upto La Paz is closed but we are not sure how long it will remain closed off. Whilst in the meantime the level of uncertainty particularly over March and April brazilnut shipments has increased. Finally currants are now cheaper than sultanas because of the cheap Euro.

Check out the website later this week for the Almond Shipment Report. On Wednesday we will also be putting up new photos for all our team for the website, so stay tuned.

Organic Maca Powder Market Report

Our trader, Adam, has also done an interview on organic maca powder which you can watch here. It is looking to become an established product in UK markets in the near future, if pricing recovers in 2015 hopefully any damage done to the demand will be undone.

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