Bolivia Visit 2023

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1. The Amazon Rainforest

The Amazon rainforest is home to many indigenous communities who have lived in the region for centuries, and who have a deep connection to the land and its natural resources. Additionally , thousands of migrant communities have settled there over the years , working from the land and ultimately becoming the guardians of the forest. However, many of these communities face significant challenges, including limited access to education, healthcare, and the threat of deforestation.

2. Brazil Nuts in Indigenous Communities

By providing income from Brazil nuts through the European market, we are encouraging indigenous communities to stay in the rainforest and protect it from deforestation, rather than migrating to nearby cities to seek alternative employment. This benefits not only the communities themselves but also the wider world, as the Amazon rainforest plays a vital role producing oxygen, storing carbon, and regulating the global climate.

3. Visiting our Partners

It was great to be back visiting our partners again, nestled deep within the Bolivian Amazon rainforest. We re-visited the communities to learn about their progress and to explore how we can support with the community concerns and challenges.

During our trip we had the pleasure of visiting the Chacobo-Pacahuara Community, the Monte Carlos Community and of course our long-term partners who run the processing sites. We were impressed and grateful for the warm welcome and hospitality shown by each of the communities that we met and how we were invited to live among them.

We were pleased to see the positive impact that our recent shared future project had on the lives of the 123 families living in the Monte Carlos community. In particular, we were impressed to see the recently installed electrical generator and solar panels, which have greatly improved the community’s access to electricity and enhanced their quality of life. Our aim is to initiate similar projects with the Chacobo-Pacahuara Community, with a focus on reforestation, as well as investing in water, infrastructure and healthcare for the 139 families living within the community and schools for the 130+ children.

Throughout our visit, we had the opportunity to witness every stage of the Brazil nut lifecycle. We saw the towering Brazil nut trees and observed the harvesting process, including the opening of the large pods. We also witnessed the processing and grading of the kernels and observed the various transportation stages involved in getting the nuts to market.

This trip was a humbling experience. We were reminded of the vital importance of preserving the rainforest, not only for the sake of the indigenous communities who call it home but also for the health of the planet as a whole. Our visit to the communities highlighted the challenges faced, but also their resilience and determination to preserve their way of life and protect their environment.  As we look towards the future, we are committed to continuing our partnership with these communities and investing in projects that support reforestation, schools, water infrastructure and healthcare.