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Shared Future Project

The Happy Hazelnut Foundation supports a fair and transparent hazelnut supply chain.

The project provides access to school and childcare for children while parents work in the gardens, preventing child labour. Accommodation to improve the living conditions of seasonal workers and their families. Greater transparency, so migrant workers can receive fair wages and training to promote good agricultural practices.

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Around 70% of the world’s hazelnuts are grown in the Black Sea region of Turkey. An average Turkish hazelnut crop is around 350Kmt of kernels with Italy, the second largest produced, producing an average of 50Kmt.
Farms in Turkey are traditionally family owned and spread over just a few hectares (a well maintained hectare produces around 500kg of inshell material). The farmers are not reliant on income generated by the hazelnuts and as a result are able to hold material back from the market when pricing is not at a level they wish to sell. We saw this with both the 2014 and 2016 crops.

Hazelnuts are primarily used in confectionary to make praline and other products such as Nutella and Frangelico liqueur. Hazels are also a good source of protein, monosaturated fat, vitamin E and several other essential nutrients.

Ishan Das

Managing Director
Senior Trader

Ishan has worked at Freeworld since 2012. Ishan works from our Edinburgh office, his product expertise is in dried fruits and nuts.


Through our relationship with farmers, we can contract grow certain products & process to meet specification. MOQ applies.

Making a Difference

Supporting projects that facilitate opportunity and growth, enriching the lives of the farmers.

Trusted Supply Network​

Relationships and strong industry connections, working directly with the farms at source.