Sunflower Seeds

Here at Freeworld Trading, we distribute hulled sunflower kernels. Our main sources for bakery grade kernels are from Bulgaria, while we primarily source confectionery grade kernels from China.

When it comes to distinguishing between bakery and confectionery grade kernels, we can easily identify bakery grade kernels due to their smaller size and rounder shape. They also tend to have a darker color, which is a result of a higher oil content in the kernel.

In contrast, confectionery grade kernels are larger and firmer to bite, with a paler colour. These kernels are primarily grown for in-shell snack consumption, whereas the majority of bakery grade kernels are produced for oil crushing purposes.



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Alex Poole

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Alex has worked at Freeworld since 2003. Alex works from our Edinburgh office, his product expertise is in dried fruit and seeds.


Through our relationship with farmers, we can contract grow certain products & process to meet specification. MOQ applies.

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